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BPM Detection Library
Change Pitch without changing length (fmod dll)

BPM Detection Library
This dll allows you to add bpm detection to your program in no time.
The dll can be used in VB6, C/C++, Delphi, C# and probably a lot of other languages that can call methods from a dll.
BPM Detection Library

Change pitch without changing speed (fmod plugin)
This dll makes it possible to change the tempo/pitch and speed in visual basic if you use the fmod sound engine.
The source code for the dll (in VC++ 6) is also included.
This is freeware because the code it uses is also freeware (released under GPL).
If you want to use this in commercial applications or if you want to publish any application that uses this you must contact the author at the website below or have a look at the GPL.

Original Library

    Latest Update : February 2, 2004
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